Future Netwings is headquartered in Kolkata with its Marketing and support locations spread across India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Middle-East.


The centralized Network Operation Centre (NOC) in Kolkata is the backbone that supports our growing customer coverage. The NOC serves as an essential tool for remote monitoring, support and troubleshooting of the critical networks we have implemented.


A stock of abundant machinery and spares ensure instant back up support in case of any time fault of any nature. This availability of critical resources inhouse differentiate us from our competitors.


While most of the industry rely on outsourced resources to carry out specialized services, our strategic investments on manpower, training and equipments enable us to meet global standards without third party dependencies.

An unique pool of trained and talented manpower certified across various technologies and standards have joined hands in our mission to be the highest rated IT Infrastructure Service and Support organization globally.


To ensure a consistent efficiency and response time, most of our marketing and support processes are tracked centrally. More than 90% of the staff are equipped with PC/Laptop with high-speed internet. Operating within our own fully Wi-Fi enabled 4000sqft office with dual internet connectivity, back-up power and LonWorks based intelligent energy management, we guarantee you uninterrupted availability of our services.